Ixigo, YouNow, and 6 Other Websites Reportedly Hacked, 127 Million Accounts Leaked

A hacker who stole close to 620 million user records from 16 websites has struck again, this time breaking into 127 million more records from eight more websites. According to a TechCrunch report late on Thursday, the hacker now has 18 million user records from travel booking site Ixigo and 40 million from live-video streaming site YouNow. Read More

9 Tech Gadgets Every Modern Traveler Must Have

When it comes to travel, it’s always better to be prepared. If you are a modern traveler it’s always better to have the right gadgets with you. Besides your smartphone, we have come up with a list of 9 best travel gadgets that you should consider carry-on as a modern backpacker. 1 – GoPro Camera Read More

Quality Headphones Under $100

When it comes to picking out the best headphones all depends from a particular person to another one and subsequently you can easliy point out that there are two main facts you can easily look at – the total price and the quality. It’s really a bit complex to determine the ideal pair without getting Read More

Which Home Hub is Right for Your Smart Home?

Today, homes are being transformed from the inside out. Modern technology has created amazing high-tech products that make daily life easier and more manageable. And when that resonates at home, you are looking at something truly revolutionary. One example of this are home hubs, which command a range of home automation features via voice services Read More

5 Cons of Smart Watches And How You Can Workaround It

Smart watches are very useful and they can be assistive in various task of our everyday life. Task like health management or networking with the device are two basic and most assistive functions that every smart watch with offer you. With the help of Bluetooth smart watch, you can connect your smart watch with device Read More

Tech Tip: Loop YouTube songs or play them when phone screen is off

We all use YouTube to listen to music more than we do it to watch videos. At work especially, one of the best way to keep the din out and focus on the things that matter is by putting on the headphones and open a long music compilation or playlist on YouTube. But YouTube as Read More

WhatsApp on Windows: How to use it

For long a mobile-only app, WhatsApp now offers two ways to users who want to access it on their computers. Earlier, the company had unveiled a web version of the service. On Wednesday, it announced the native desktop apps for Windows and Mac. So, how do you use WhatsApp on a computer and what all you need. Read More

1 billion Yahoo accounts hacked: Steps you need to take right now

Remember the last time Yahoo goofed up and let hackers breach its servers? If you don’t there is news for you. Or you can call it an update, forget the 500 million accounts compromised in 2014, Yahoo has revealed that over 1 billion user accounts were compromised in 2013 as well. That sure is a Read More

Meet Ultimate Boot CD, a tool every computer owner must have

Problems with a computer — laptop or desktop — are the worst kind of problems. At a time when they are in the middle of our digital lives, these issues can be even crippling and although modern computers are fairly hard to break, there are occasions when they fail. When you run into problems, here Read More

New 3D Printing Process Creates Solid Objects Using Rays of Light

On the Starship Enterprise, replicators were devices that were used “to dematerialise matter and then reconstitute it in another form,” according to Startrek.com. For Captain Picard’s hungry crew, in particular, that usually meant nostalgically reconstituting meals on demand to appease a sudden craving. Though we remain a long way away from being able to transmogrify Read More

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